Yörenet eIrene CMS (Content Management System) which is first introduced in 2001 is now in its 6th major version

eIrene is developed and being maintained by Yörenet software team based on open standards such as XML, XSLT, web services, etc.  whereas its business logic is coded in PHP and javascript (JQuery).

Since its first version, it is designed to be highly scaleable and powerful.

It is a proven and one of the best solution in the market for any type of web portal (such as, e-commerce, news, blog, etc.)l with solutions for any type of demanding requirements.

Sone of the features:

  • simple and easy to use web UI
  • powerful category management
  • flexible and dynamic menu management
  • photo gallery and video archive management
  • file deduplication
  • story (multiple HTML pages in sequence) management
  • CDN integration
  • role based access control
  • role based content management (approvals)
  • multi level caching capability
  • open standards based page templates (XSLT)
  • REST api (web services)


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