Commend to our enterprise ready Linux distributions for your mission-critical services.

While standardizing operating systems in your data center(s) via worldwide recognized Red Hat and SUSE Linux distributions which are certified by almost all worldwide leading software and/or hardware vendors, you can serve to your clients in confidence.

Dünyanın en büyük ve önemli kurumsal dağılımları Red Hat ve SUSE ile veri merkezinizdeki işletim sistemlerini standartlaştırırken üretici destekli  Make use of our tlocal echnical experts that are certified by these Linux vendors whenever you need them.

Our services include the following:

UNIX to Linux Migration

Migrate your UNIX and RISC-based systems to enterprise grade Linux servers running on x86 based servers to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize data center productivity at the same time.


Answer user requests instantaneusly with our Linux based KVM and/or Xen virtualization platforms.

Virtualization Management

Manage your heteregoneous virtualization environments effectively.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

In addition to our prowerful cloud management solutions, you can establish your private cloud infrastructure with our software-defined storage and high performance virtualization solutions.