Leader Solutions for Leading Companies

Value Adding Leader Solutions

Leading products of our global business partners is widely used by the topmost global companies. We provide our know-how and expertise to our customers as a value-add to those leading products.


Focus on your own Business

Maximize profitability by focusing on your own business instead of technical problems with our quality and economical IT services that we offer.

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Custom Web Software

Make use of leading edge web based software products that are in use for years with confidence.


Yörenet have been promoted to a Delivery Partner!

We are proud to be the first and the only Outsystems Delivery Partner in Turkey

Bize Katılın

Yazılım geliştirme, destek ve danışmanlık konularında görev alacak çalışma arkadaşları arıyoruz

We continue to offer Leader Products to Leader Companies

We are proud to have brought a new Business Partnership to our stakeholders in line with our slogan.


We are your trustable partner at several leading edge projects with demanding requirements on high performance and security.